Spray Equipment Cleaning

An outstanding cleaning service achieving the perfect paint finish


For a perfect finish, a completely clean spray gun is a must! If it has not been properly cleaned, this can have a direct effect on the painting result and subsequently require quite complex and thus costly rework.

Safetykleen's range of manual and automatic spray gun cleaners, when used professionally, with their high cleaning performance, contribute to consistently high painting quality and will help you minimize the risk of costly re-work.

All our spray gun cleaning equipment includes:

  • A highly efficient venting system, for a safe working environment
  • A final clean rinse and spray-out facility, to fully complete the cleaning operation
  • Effective safety features which are built into each machine as standard, giving you total peace of mind
Taking care of your waste management compliance

We work with you to help reduce your environmental impact and to help you go beyond legislation compliance such as the Solvent Emissions Directive, Industrial Emissions Directive and the Waste Framework Directive.
We keep the VOCs generated to an absolute minimum and the efficiency of our machines reduces the amount of thinners required, with virtually all the thinner being recovered in the recycling process.

Paintkleen logoManual spray gun cleaners

Our manual machines are perfect for bodyshops when spray gun cleaning is not a constant requirement. Paintkleen

Paintkleen automatic logoAutomatic spray gun cleaners

Our automated solutions for larger paint shops, in automotive, rail, aerospace & industrial applications, are ideally suited for multiple users or for multiple paint colours used in a single application. Paintkleen automatic

Paintkleen super series logoNew advanced spray gun cleaners

Continuing our commitment to provide innovative devices for professionals, the latest super series range deliver class leading interior working space within a compact footprint. Features include a patented air-lift system and machines designed for serviceability and reliability, with manual & automatic spray gun cleaning. Paintkleen super series

Kleenstrip logoPaint stripping made easy

If you are looking at ways to effectively strip paint from cured components then take a look at our Kleenstrip service