The instant action of ultrasonic technology for faster rust removal

Rustkleen ultra combines the performance of Rustkleen with the power of ultrasonic to deliver rapid rust removal for all parts. It accelerates the rust removal process using sonically generated pressure waves that agitate the rust removal fluid at very high velocity to cause micro-explosions known as cavitations.

Available in 2 capacities (100 & 200 litre) each machine is manufactured in stainless steel featuring a fully insulated cleaning tank and lid, robust submersion basket and IP-rated control enclosure. The compact, modular design allows the machine to be located adjacent to a production process.

Productivity: Virtually no operator involvement required with a choice of either a simple immersion process or the instant action of ultrasonic de-rusting

Quality: Consistently outstanding results delivered time and again with no change in performance between service points

Compliance: Not classed as hazardous the Rustkleen solution prevents the need to use highly controlled chemicals including acids and alkalis creating a safer working environment

NEW, faster ultrasonic solution
  • FAST – The instant action of Ultrasonic technology speeds up the de-rusting process to give a fast turn-around of parts ready for re-processing.
  • EFFECTIVE – The ultrasonic action works effectively inside detailed and difficult to reach holes & contours.
Key benefits
  • Designed to minimise the operator input and allow for greater employee productivity
  • Removes the need for hazardous chemicals to be used in the de-rusting process
  • 100L and 200L tank options to cater for differing component dimensions and throughput requirements
  • Reduces direct process costs associated with removing rust
  • Reduces indirect costs associated with 3rd party contractors and logistics required to coordinate shipping, tracking and inspecting parts treated off-site
Specialist Chemistry
  • Rustkleen utilises a specifically developed chemistry that is not corrosive therefore removes only rust leaving fine decorative features and painted surfaces of the component intact and unaltered.
  • The active ingredient in the Rustkleen is so powerful in its thirst for oxygen it is able to remove the oxygen from the oxide causing the rust molecule to separate and break away from the component and fall to the bottom of the tank as a harmless black deposit which will be removed at the next Safetykleen service.
  • Fresh chemistry supplied – and waste removed – at intervals to suit your business. Machine cleaned and serviced at the same time

What is included in the service?