Safe and effective cleaning of fibreglass resin application tools

The Resinkleen service comprises the machine, regular cleaning fluid replenishment, fully compliant waste fluid removal and machine maintenance – all this and more is included in the price

Versatile: Suitable for cleaning a range of rollers, brushes, application tools and mixing equipment used in fibreglass product manufacturing

Effective: Brush and roller life is extended and process operatives are more productive

Non-flammable: Innovative non-flammable, non-hazardous cleaning fluid with a low VOC content

Safe and environmentally-responsible cleaning

Resinkleen is an innovative new service developed by Safetykleen for fibreglass product manufacturers looking for a safe and effective solution for the cleaning of brushes, rollers and mixing equipment used in the application of resins and gel coats. Conventionally Acetone has been used to meet this cleaning requirement, however Acetone is expensive, highly flammable and has a high VOC content – as such many manufacturers are keen to remove Acetone from their process. Resinkleen offers a cost-effective, non-flammable and low VOC content alternative to Acetone. It also delivers improved cleaning performance over Acetone, which means brush and roller life is extended and process operatives are more productive.

  • Compact tank design; robustly manufactured in stainless steel that can be located “in-process” adjacent to individual process cells or centrally located to serve multiple cells.
  • Large cleaning submersion area and drying rack. Also features a post-cleaning centrifuge dryer for rapid removal of surplus cleaning fluid from rollers, which is then channelled back into the tank for reuse.
Specialist Chemistry
  • Central to Resinkleen is the innovative, non-flammable, non-hazardous ester-based organic solvent with a unique anti-gelling chemistry that offers full resin compatibility.
  • It works initially by dissolving the resin adhered to the brushes or rollers; it then denatures the resin to prevent re-curing and converts the waste resin into a harmless powder that sinks to the bottom of the fluid, allowing the process to start again.

What is included in the service?

Your Requirements?
  • Minimise brush and roller costs
  • Reduce Health and Safety risks
  • Decrease VOCs
  • Minimise operative cleaning time
  • Reduce waste
Key Benefits of Resinkleen

Health and Safety

  • Non-flammable cleaning removes major safety concerns.
  • Improved working environment as VOC levels reduced.


  • Reduced VOC levels enhances green credentials.
  • Reduced waste disposal as equipment can be used for longer.
  • Cleaned items can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

Cost Reduction

  • Brushes & rollers can be used for a day or longer rather than being discarded at each break.
  • Reduced hazardous waste disposal costs as cleaned items class as ‘non-hazardous’.
  • Non-flammable cleaning can reduce insurance premiums.
  • No need for multiple cleaners. One cleaner does it all.

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