The automated solution for bulky difficult-to-clean loads, or if you have a number of parts to clean in a short time frame

Solvkleen Automatic parts washers combine the power of Safetykleen’s range of solvents with the effectiveness of immersion and agitation cleaning processes ensuring all parts of the component are cleaned thoroughly

Productivity: Components can be loaded and left to be cleaned with just a final inspection by the operator ensuring that the Solvkleen automatic parts washer delivers results even when you have other tasks to complete

Quality: The combination of automatic and manual cleaning ensures that the quality required is met every time as stubborn contamination, or awkward components can be finished using the brush as they are inspected at the end of the automatic cycle

Compliance: Safetykleen solvents are all removed and recycled to ensure that our customers’ operate at the highest possible level of the waste hierarchy and in line with the requirements of the Waste Framework Directive

Ideally suited for bulky single components or for a batch of smaller components the Solvkleen Automatic parts washer delivers flexibility and quality as standard.

Convenient Cleaning
  • A choice of soak or agitation modes to deliver a thorough clean. Process times can be selected to suit the load and specific applications
  • Large heavy duty platform for carrying either large and heavy parts or a number of small components
  • The platform rises and lid opens automatically at the end of the cycle, allowing parts to drain without operator intervention
  • Optional flow-through brush helps remove heavy soils
Safe Operation
  • Designed with safety in mind, fusible link automatically closes the lid in the event of fire
  • Safe operation, as load platform descends on an air lift into the solvent reservoir
Specialist Chemistry
  • Solvents efficiently remove heavy oil, grease, paint, inks, glues and resin from a variety of parts and components
  • Peace of mind It is the unique combination of service interval, correct parts washer and appropriate cleaning fluid that ensures you are guaranteed optimum cleaning performance
  • Fresh solvent supplied – and waste removed – at intervals to suit your business. Machine cleaned and serviced at the same time

What is included in the service?