Precision cleaning of complex parts and components

The Ultrakleen service comprises the machine, regular cleaning fluid replenishment, fully compliant waste fluid removal and machine maintenance – all this and more is included in the price.

Effective: Cleans items featuring hidden recesses or complex shapes that prove impractical to clean using conventional techniques

Powerful: Excels in the removal of problematic soiling from hard surfaces; including metal, plastic and ceramic

Safe: VOC-free cleaning using non-hazardous, pH neutral cleaning fluids for low-risk operation and an improved working environment

Safe and environmentally-responsible cleaning

Ultrakleen is a new service developed by Safetykleen for precision cleaning of complex parts and components used in a wide range of industries and applications. Utilising ultrasonic cleaning technology, Ultrakleen is particularly suited to cleaning items featuring hidden recesses or complex shapes that prove impractical to clean using conventional techniques. Ultrakleen also excels in the removal of problematic soiling from hard surfaces; including metal, plastic and ceramic.

  • Ultrakleen is an ultrasonic cleaning machine – it cleans by sonically generating pressure waves that agitate the cleaning fluid at very high velocity to cause micro-explosions known as cavitations. These explosions create a scrubbing action against any solid surface in contact with the fluid; rapidly removing soiling and contaminants.
  • Each machine is manufactured in stainless steel featuring a fully insulated cleaning tank and lid, robust submersion basket and IP-rated control enclosure. Ultrakleen’s compact, modular design allows the machine to be located “in-process” adjacent to individual process cells or centrally located to serve multiple cells.
Your Requirements?
  • Cleaning of parts or components featuring blind ports or complex shapes
  • Removal of heavy, stubborn soiling
  • Fine cleaning of soils down to 1-micron
  • Remove VOCs
  • Minimise operative cleaning time
  • Reduce waste
Key Benefits of Ultrakleen


  • Low (25kHz) and high (58kHz) frequency configurations to suit soil removal requirements
  • 100L and 200L tank options to cater for differing part or component dimensions and throughput requirements
  • Hi-spec ultrasonic transducers and generators deliver market-leading cleaning performance

Health & Safety

  • VOC-free cleaning improves working environment
  • Non-hazardous, pH neutral cleaning fluids for low-risk operation
  • ‘Over-temperature’ device ensures full compliance with BS EN 1292101:2005 +A1:2010 and Machinery Directive
  • External heating pads delivering Safety Integration Level 2 performance
  • Integral wheels for simple positioning

Cost Reduction

  • Fully insulated tank and lid; delivering low energy consumption and reduced operating noise
  • Market-leading cleaning performance, optimise throughput and operator efficiency
 Specialist Chemistry
Safetykleen chemical Aquapro sonic logo Safetykleen chemical Aquapro+ sonic logo

Aquapro™sonic Aquapro+™sonic : Designed to maximise the ultrasonic power of our Ultrakleen™ range this mildly alkaline detergent is ideally suited to the demands of our metal working customer’s. Used in both manufacturing and MRO environments it includes technology to quickly encapsulate the soils (oils, cutting oils and lubricants) reducing recontamination.

Safetykleen chemical Aquapure logo

Aquapure™: Virtually residue free this unique chemistry provides outstanding cleaning and is compatible with all alloys. It has been developed specifically for surface cleaning and preparation processes preparing the components ahead of the final surface treatment being applied.

Safetykleen chemical Aquaaero logo

Aquaaero™: Aerospace applications require the use of an appropriately approved aerospace chemistry. Safetykleen provide a range of approved aqueous products to address the varying needs of the market.

Ultrakleen video


Alco Valves

Hear how Safetykleen's Ultrakleen aqueous parts cleaners have solved Alco Valves component cleaning requirements in compliance with the specification for their products sold into the petrochemical industry.

Alco Valves

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