Reduces Waste & Produces Measurable Savings

The self-cleaning, energy-efficient aqueous parts washer that reduces waste and costs

Versatile: Suitable for use on all metals, plastics, ceramics, rubbers & many other materials

Effective: Heated aqueous detergent removes grease, oil and shop soils plus fats, inks and modern water borne coatings

Productivity: Flow-through brush for immediate cleaning. Soak facility for stubborn soils

Minimise waste with safe and environmentally-responsible cleaning without compromising performance

Biokleen is part of our continued commitment to reduce waste, yet provide a service to our clients that makes commercial sense. For those looking to save cost and reduce environmental impact, the unique combination of machine, detergent and a comprehensive service package, makes Biokleen the natural choice. Not only does the detergent reduce waste, the machine itself is also designed to minimise waste and save energy, whilst delivering outstanding cleaning performance

  • Anti-evaporation device to reduce fluid loss and energy usage
  • Superior insulation properties mean lower operating costs
  • Innovative heating system delivers both outstanding and cost effective cleaning performance
  • Uses no more electricity than a domestic fridge freezer, with running costs from as little as 12p a day
  • Total reliability
  • Robust stainless steel construction, designed for ease of operation
  • We supply the machine as part of the full Service Agreement
  • There is no capital outlay and we make sure it is always operating at optimum performance
Specialist Chemistry
Safetykleen chemical Aquabio logo

Aquabio™: Biokleen uses bio-remediation to “eat” oil and grease. This natural cleaning process eliminates the need for regular collection and disposal of waste, which reduces the environmental charges you have to pay, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.
Safetykleen maintain the machine and regularly top up the fluid, ensuring the bio-remediation continues to work. This guarantees optimum cleaning performance and waste reduction at all times.


What is included in the service?

Waste reduction
  • Long life, self-cleaning solution reduces waste. Less than 100 litres a year - compared to 270-800 litres with traditional parts washers
  • Save on environmental charges – up to £1560 per year
  • Best environmental regulation practice for ISO 14001 compliance. Waste reduction is top of the waste hierarchy
Health & safety benefits

With Biokleen you take a pro-active approach to Health & Safety issues. Using an aqueous detergent means:

  • A solvent-free environment for operators
  • Less administration associated with the cleaning fluid
  • Not classed as hazardous
  • No VOCs to monitor

Biokleen has been developed to excel in a wide range of applications.


  • Oil
  • Fat
  • Grease


  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber