Parts Cleaning Services

The widest choice of parts ​cleaners and service options to meet all your cleaning requirements. 

We understand that your parts washing requirements constantly change - we also know one solution doesn't fit all. The number, size and shape of the contaminants to be removed all determine the service best suited to your business.

By choosing Safetykleen as your service provider you will get expert help from a supplier that offers the widest range of parts cleaning machine solutions currently available.

Peace of mind

It is the unique combination of service interval, correct parts washer and appropriate cleaning fluid that ensures you are guaranteed optimum cleaning performance.

You no longer need to worry about:

  • Changing parts cleaning machines to address changes in your processes

  • Downtime as a result of machines not being regularly serviced

  • Waste management paperwork and compliance requirements associated with degreasing and the removal of other contaminants

Taking care of your waste management compliance

We take any waste produced to the highest possible level required by the
Waste Framework Directive. Solvents are recycled to reduce waste and when we replace your machines, you have the additional assurance that we will be completely overhauling them for reuse.