Effective hydraulic cylinder cleaning using the power of JetkleenXL™

Safetykleen Italy works with Interpump Hydraulics to solve a requirement for precision cleaning of a wide variety of component sizes, whilst also improving productivity and product quality with a hassle-free service.

Interpump HydraulicsInterpump Hydraulics is a metalworking company specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of multi-stage single acting hydraulic cylinders. With 3,000 models in three ranges for the Transport Industry, Industrial Applications and for Agricultural Tippers, Interpump Hydraulics can offer cylinders for high, standard and low pressure covering thrusts ranging from 1 to 100 tons and more to match the specific needs of the each customer.

Each Interpump Hydraulics cylinder is manufactured according to stringent technological parameters which optimise each phase of production, from engineering to the selection of raw material, so that the whole range is made according to a constant quality standard.


During production these precision cylinder components become coated with lubricating oils from machining processes, these need to be cleaned off prior to assembly. In the past this was achieved using an automated washing machine, but lack of precision and power in the wash reduced the effectiveness. Coupled with the reliability of the existing machine and increasing breakdown and maintenance costs the IPH maintenance department were eager to find a more effective solution.

JetkleenXL M290Solution

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After a site visit and discussion with the maintenance department our Safetykleen sales specialist identified Jetkleen™ as the solution to deliver precise and efficient high pressure cleaning of their smaller components. Operators can direct this cleaning power exactly where required across a wide variety of component shapes. The IPH staff were enthusiastic about the prospects of this solution and asked if Safetykleen could offer a larger machine to cope with their full range of cylinder sizes, replacing their ageing washing machine.

When presented with the new larger JetkleenXL™ machine it was clear that this was the right solution to cope with all their requirements. The prospect of combining this precision high powered cleaning solution with the standard Safetykleen full service package of servicing, maintenance, chemical supply and waste management was the deal clincher for IPH.

Interpump HydraulicsResults

The front loading operation of the JetkleenXL both improved the washing process and reduced risk of injury during handling of larger components. The ability to clean smaller components and large cylinders in the same machine optimised the customer production process compared to the old washing machine. In addition the high-pressure spray gun improves product quality, delivering a more thorough cleaning of each part.

Interpump Hydraulics and Safetykleen are now evaluating further machine solutions to aide their processes, including Paintkleen™ spray gun cleaning and Kleenstrip™ paint removal machines for their painting department.