Metal Working

Comprehensive services for a wide range of metal working applications, from CNC batch production, metal fabrication, casting, general manufacture & MRO



Efficiencies in metal working processes are essential to funding ever-changing technological demands. Integration of automated systems continue to expand not only in large companies, but also within smaller operations.

The Safetykleen service plays an important role in improving production efficiencies and forms a critical part of a comprehensive maintenance programme. This allows our clients to focus on their specific business expertise and remain competitive. We not only understand all the legislation that impacts on our customers but we also have experience in helping them improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce waste and gain industry accreditations.

Clean, efficient and safe

We supply cleaning & surface treatment technologies to engineering and metalworking industries. Our services assist throughout the supply chain. From manufacturing to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) through to waste disposal, improving output and creating a safer working environment.

Where we can help
  • Ensuring coolant and cutting oil baths adhere to Health & Safety laws
  • Cleaning of machine cutting tools to remove debris, extend tool life and increase cutting efficiency
  • Degreasing - essential to the preparation of surfaces for painting, welding, hardening, bonding and electroplating
  • Cleaning of spray equipment used in the manufacture of metal cutting machines
  • Part of a comprehensive cleaning and planned maintenance programme for tooling and machinery
Wide range of solutions

Our expertise and breadth of range means we supply the ideal cleaning solution for your exact requirements. Our aqueous and solvent based cleaning solutions deal effectively with a wide variety of organic and in-organic contaminants, as well as varying component sizes, quantities and physical properties.

Parts cleaning

Manual and automatic machines for intricate and heavy components – small or large batches. Perfect cleaning performance on both geometric defined and undefined cutting tools. Aqueous and solvent solutions at service intervals to meet demand.

Extending asset life in MRO - our parts cleaning machine + service plans are part of a maintenance regime to extend asset life and help control costs...   Find out more

Spray equipment cleaning

Manual and automatic cleaning equipment. Our range of safe and efficient paint cleaning equipment assists machine and tool shop operations throughout the production process ensuring the perfect finish to machine tools and components.

For processes that use paint cleaning equipment our aqueous and solvent based services meet all the regulatory standards, reduce waste and provide an ideal solution for an intensive paint operation...   Find out more

Safe and environmentally responsible paint removal

Safetykleen’s water borne Kleenstrip services offer customers market leading performance for affordable monthly prices. Effective Paint removal for many different types of paint. Safe alternative to traditional paint stripping services, Kleenstrip Chemistry is not classed as hazardous where many alternatives are...   Find out more

​Non-hazardous de-rusting service

Our safe, aqueous-based de-rusting service completely removes rust in one simple immersion process. Suitable for a wide variety of applications especially when decorative features need to be left intact...   Find out more

Extending the life of cutting oils

The Safetykleen Kleencut system conditions cutting oil, prolonging the oil’s useful life and reducing waste. Contaminants that degrade cutting efficiency and generate bacteria in machine shops and factories are removed so performance is improved. Also reduces or eliminates skin irritation and the respiratory effects of bad odours, which result from the build-up of tramp oils (non-soluble oil based contaminants)...   Find out more


Our best environmental practice absorbent wipe service. We provide two professional cleaning wipes for metalworking industries. We process all wipes with an environmentally friendly anti-bacterial deep clean to remove all oil and grease. We also ensure that metal swarf is removed...   Find out more

Waste Management

From small barrels to large tanks we remove and recycle waste oil from industrial processes. We also offer a comprehensive waste management programme and advise on industry best practice.

One service provider for all your waste streams: Safetykleen provide a complete waste management service collecting both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, reducing disruptions and making budget planning easier. A nationwide network of transfer stations means no supplier is in your area as often, which has the added advantage of reducing the impact of disposal transportation – part of your obligation to reducing environmental impact.

Peace of mind: We take any waste you have produced to the highest possible level required by the
Waste Framework Directive and provide a waste management system which recognises the importance of segregation in enhancing an industry's green credentials...   Find out more