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Initial Statement – Gender Pay Gap reporting 2016-2017

Initial Statement – Gender Pay Gap reporting 2016-2017

Safetykleen UK places significant importance on recognising diversity, inclusion and equality within the workplace. We believe that Gender Pay Gap reporting should form a part of the continuous analysis that we commit to year on year to add value to our business.

We are encouraged by the fact that of our female workforce almost half of these sit within the Top and Upper Middle salary quartile’s, their hourly rate is 15% higher (mean) and 16% higher (median). We are conscious that the environment we work in is heavily male orientated due to the nature of the business and how we service our machines however we are committed to ensuring that we employ the best candidate for the role. It is our responsibility to now analyse this data thoroughly and make the right amendments where and if they are due. It is important not to get caught up in statistics and numbers as sometimes these can be misleading without context built in behind them. Safetykleen UK have a strong commitment to promoting internally and to develop individuals; we will continue to pride ourselves on doing so.

Dan Lee
Managing Director UK & Ireland

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