The Paint Products Directive and Solvent Emissions Directive

What are these about?

Certain businesses – notably automotive body-shops – will also need to comply with one or both of these Directives.

The Paint Product Directive says that some paints cannot be marketed if they contain more than a specified amount of organic solvent. Users of paints and coatings with organic solvent content are responsible for ensuring only permitted products are used.

The Solvent Emissions Directive is aimed at limiting emissions to air, and states that companies using products or processes that generate volatile organic compounds (which include certain parts-cleaning equipment and spraygun cleaning equipment) must have a permit.

Further information on both Directives can be found at: Defra – Solvent Paint Directive

In what way does Safetykleen help?

Some Safetykleen customers have to comply with these Directives due to the nature of their businesses. In order to assist you in complying, Safetykleen will enable you to provide details of solvents used and the quantity recycled. In the case of bodyshops, this allows you to meet the requirements of your Part B permits and the Statutory Guidance for Re-spraying of Motor Vehicles, as required by the Product Paint Directive. Similar information is supplied to customers' operating activities covered by the Solvent Emissions Directive.

Safetykleen also offers a wide range of aqueous parts cleaning and spraygun cleaning options, which do not require these Part B permits and hence they are taken out of this particular legislation. Safetykleen branch personnel can advise on the best options for your specific needs.