Commitment to Waste Management

Considering every opportunity to reduce waste throughout the organisation, Safetykleen is dedicated to the recycling and reuse of waste within all of its services, as well as within its own operations.

Everything from machine design and refurbishment to service delivery focuses on waste minimization and/or re-use.

Safetykleen is also committed to the on-going development of aqueous and other fluid technologies to reduce the requirement for oil or hydrocarbon derivatives. This includes our two latest technology aqueous parts washers Jetkleen and Ecokleen.

Energy efficient Jetkleen cleans 10x faster than traditional parts washers while the detergent used in Ecokleen literally eats waste, significantly reducing environmental charges.

Safetykleen Machine Recycle & Remanufacture

As part of our commitment to waste management Safetykleen minimises materials sent to landfill. Our skilled teams recycle and remanufacture machines to be returned into use in an as new condition. See this process in action in the following video.