About Us

Safetykleen Heritage markWe are the World’s leading provider of surface treatment & chemical application services offering a wide range of solutions to address the needs of our diverse customer base.  

Each of our products has been developed to augment our customer’s productivity, quality and compliance utilising all of the experience gained since our arrival into Europe in 1973.

Safetykleen’s unique service offer combines parts washing equipment, scheduled services, speciality chemicals and industrial waste collection ensuring the total peace of mind that comes as standard for Safetykleen customers.
As a specialist mechanical parts cleaning organisation, our products productively ensure that your goods and services run smoothly and economically. We've developed many cleaning strategies to fix a diverse range of products. We are a first choice cleaning service that will optimise your business performance.

We ensure all of the above is maintained while looking after the environment. Sustainability is of the highest priority for us because we believe demand for green products is high and still increasing. 


Hear from our customers how we have helped deliver the Productivity gains and Quality & Compliance levels required for their businesses:

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Safetykleen's Aquakleen automatic XL machine offers the load bearing capacity to clean large gearboxes ready for total overhaul, saving significant operator time to meet their customer turnaround times.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies
Alco Valves

Safetykleen's Ultrakleen aqueous parts cleaners have solved Alco Valves component cleaning requirements in compliance with the specification for their products sold into the petrochemical industry.

Alco Valves