Une Présence Mondiale

Pour certains de nos clients, le fait que nous sommes une entreprise mondiale fournissant un service de qualité reconnu, leur donne une assurance au moment de choisir Safetykleen en tant que prestataire de services.

Cependant, nous sommes conscients que grâce à notre service fiable et personnalisé, SafetyKleen est considéré comme le leader des prestations de service de lavage des pièces ainsi que le nettoyage de surfaces spécifiques, sur le marché Français.


The inventors of the part washer

Safetykleen can trace its roots back to a Wisconsin inventor named Ben Palmer who designed the parts washer.  While working for his family’s sand and gravel business, Palmer was inspired to come up with a safer means of cleaning automotive parts than the standard (and somewhat dangerous) method of washing parts in gasoline. Traditional parts washers in the market today still use the technology invented by Palmer however Safetykleen now offers its customer base a wide range of application specific options, which include both manual and automatic and aqueous or solvent based chemistry.

An international presence

In 1973 the US business established its first overseas operations and began to do business in England. No longer part of the US organisation Safetykleen Europe now encompasses 14 European countries as well as having operations in Brazil, China and Turkey. Safetykleen Europe employs over 1500 people and completes services to more than one million machines a year across a diverse range of industries.

It is the diversity of our experience base that enables us to expertly manage the requirements of our customer base and tailor solutions to suit individual needs on a global scale.  By continually engaging with our customers we are able to drive product development that offers further efficiency and performance advantages to customers across all industry sectors.

Commitment to service and product development

The company’s continued commitment to reducing its environmental impact and meeting the demands of its customer base has meant an even greater focus on aqueous solutions.

Combining the famous Safetykleen service with significant enhancements in detergents and machine technology make the latest additions of Jetkleen, Ecokleen and Ultrakleen in to the Safetykleen stable an impressive indication of the types of developments yet to come. These machines address a strong desire for aqueous technology that uses less energy, significantly reduces waste and saves costs.

An addition we continue to develop Specific Application Services to bring to the market safe solutions for a wide variety of specialist tasks, ​including; Resinkleen, Kleenstrip, Rustkleen, Kleencut and Brakekleen


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