JetkleenXL large capacity high pressure aqueous parts washer easily capable of handling large components with fast, targeted cleaning results

Jetkleen has been developed to address high performance surface cleaning delivering accuracy of the operator whilst minimising the amount of time spent cleaning.

High pressure and high flow cleaning delivers both speed and precision enabling increased productivity and exceptional quality cleaning even for the most difficult challenges.

Now with this XLarge front-loading machine, large parts can be hoisted onto the loading platform then wheeled to the Jetkleen to be rolled into place ready for jet washing.

Productivity: High speed cleaning delivers results in less than a 1/10th of the time traditional manual cleaning requires

Quality: The immense cleaning power is targeted by the operator meaning it is directed to the areas it is most needed. The addition of the drying function & optional rinse cycle enables further gains in cleaning quality 

Compliance: No operator exposure to hazardous chemicals or emissions due to enclosed process and Safetykleen’s range of unique aqueous detergents that are not classed as hazardous

Safe and environmentally-responsible cleaning

Effective and safe cleaning, even on stubborn contaminates and heavy oil and grease. This powerful parts washer is supplied as part of a comprehensive Machine + Service Agreement, which means your time isn’t wasted in servicing and maintaining the machine. It also means that there is no capital outlay and all your waste recording and reporting obligations are taken care of.

  • Spray gun with 50 bar pressure, combined with 12 litres/min flow rate
  • Air gun fitted as standard to enable drying
  • High performance lighting (200 lumens) combined with windscreen wiper ensures maximum visibility enabling inspection whilst cleaning
  • Basket rotates on heavy duty wheels providing 350 kg load bearing
  • External load platform and mobile table enables components to be easily transported before and after cleaning
Specialist Chemistry

We offer a range of chemistry ideally suited to high pressure and high flow applications; our team will advise which is best suited to your needs:

  • Aquajet: mildly alkaline and complete with corrosion inhibitors this multi-metal detergent is ideally suited to general and heavy duty surface cleaning applications
  • Aquaspray light duty: ultra low residue and with a composition specifically developed to be compatible with all alloys this detergent provides powerful cleaning and complete peace of mind.
  • Aquaspray aero: Safetykleen offer a range of aerospace approved detergents as part of our service programs

What is included in the service?

  • High performance targeted cleaning increasing productivity
  • Labour saving - up to 10x faster
  • Reduced time leaves skilled operators free to complete other value add tasks
  • Inspect whilst you clean to ensure quality
  • Multiple components can be washed in one cycle
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal fluid usage due to filtration