The automated solution to effective non-solvent parts washing

Multi-stage cleaning (modular) Aqua+Safetykleen’s Aquakleen automatic range combine the latest aqueous chemistry with efficient machines to save you time and ensure compliant parts washing processes.

If you have a number of parts to clean in a short time frame, or a bulky difficult-to-clean load, an Aquakleen automatic parts washer is the perfect answer. Productivity is increased as the operator is free to work on other tasks.

Productivity: Operator free cleaning allows skilled labour to be utilised in other tasks whilst high quality cleaning takes place

Quality: Automated systems provide standardised performance each and every time

Compliance: No operator exposure to hazardous chemicals or emissions due to enclosed automatic process and Safetykleen’s range of unique aqueous detergents that are not classed as hazardous

Surface cleaning - fast, effective, environmentally responsible processes

These machines are available in a range of sizes and formats enabling an individually tailored combination of machine, optional extras, chemical and service interval to address your specific needs.
Safetykleen Aquakleen automatic (data table)

  • High performance vertical pumps deliver improved cleaning, maximise productivity and reduce downtime
  • Simple digital controls allow cycle times and temperatures to be set to your requirements
  • Motor-driven basket rotates parts against the direction of spray for thorough cleaning
  • Heated detergent reservoir includes filtration as standard to provide ongoing quality surface cleaning
  • Features full insulation to significantly reduce energy consumption
  • Labour saving with minimal operator involvement
  • Multiple components washed in one cycle
  • Consistent performance provides repeatability and reliable quality
  • Minimal fluid usage and low energy consumption
  • Aqua+ enhance logoModular design using Aqua+ enhance options enables each machine to be configured to meet the exact requirements of each application
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Specialist Chemistry
Safetykleen chemical Aquaspray logo Aquaspray: delivers fast, effective surface cleaning ideal for general cleaning of all materials including alloy, plastic, rubber, composites, glass and many more. This is a powerful yet safe general cleaner for most applications
Safetykleen chemical Aquaspray light duty logo Aquaspray light duty: developed to provide effective cleaning of alloys and provide a low residue finish
Safetykleen chemical Aquaspray heavy duty logo Aquaspray heavy duty: only compatible with steel this detergent has a higher pH and is ideal for stubborn soils, yet still retains the non-hazardous properties of other Safetykleen detergents
Safetykleen chemical Aquaspray aero logo Aquaspray aero: many activities in the aerospace sector adhere to specifications and require process control. Safetykleen’s range includes options to meet the specific requirements of the sector


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